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If there's a heaven for birds this could be it


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If there's a heaven for birds then this could be it.


Heidi's paintings have a sense of the dramatic. Placing them centre stage against a background saturated in colour and billowing forms, these paintings are all about the joy of being in the here and now.

She says: 

I understand how you may have concerns as to how the birds sit together in my paintings as this is not an accurate reflection of real-life behaviors but my paintings are not about real life. I paint birds because they are joyful, and the backgrounds are just there to hold them in place. I never paint branches, leaves or anything clearly recognizable.


'I have always preferred painting those birds often overlooked because they’re not considered particularly special. The female blackbird is one of the most exquisite birds that I see regularly.

​These paintings are my way of bringing these birds closer into my life'.

After 20 years working from her seafront studio in Brighton. Heidi now lives in nearby Hassocks on the South Downs and works from her home studio. 


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 Heidi Langridge 5 Lower Promenade Maderia Drive BN2 1


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